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                          Features: The technology is mature, and the equipment can warm fast and evenly, due to the way of circulating air temperature heating , which can improve the quality and yield. This method also make them possible of energy –saving and time-saving .? Intelligent temperature preset programs can alarm after finished . Leakage protection device can make sure personal’s safety . Prefabricated duplex configuration can upgrade to a duplex station , in order to reduce the cost and increase the production
                          Principle: Under the vacuum and negative pressure, the use of EVA film's hot-melt, make one glass bond with the other glass or let glass bond with cloth, paper, film or the like, thus generation of construction laminated glass and intensify portrait glass, etc.
                          Device Application Scope: ordinary float laminated glass, tempered laminated glass, curved laminated glass, colored laminated glass, LED glass, dimming glass, bullet-proof glass, multi-layer laminated glass, laminated silk glass, sliding door intensify portrait glass, crystal steel door glass, household appliances panel glass, glass corner, the studio crystal portrait glass, background wall and video wall glass coffee table surface glass, partition screen, frameless painting and personalized portrait glass.

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